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No matter if you are a beginner in investments or an expert, Investment Paths offers you complete investment articles to help you understand and decide how to restore and grow your money through purchasing assets, infrastructural bonds and security debts, investing in mutual funds, commodities and gold, or stock markets for a high and favorable future return.

Basics of Investments, Loans and Taxations

Our investment experts are here to explain you everything right from the basics of investment terminology to its subtler and more complex technical and strategic aspects. With these investment articles you can learn or revise your knowledge about strategies and options for different forms of investments including investments in banks, debt securities, investments in mutual funds, derivatives, commodities investments, as well as investments in real estate. Understand what a smart investment plan means and find out the best places to let your money grow. You can also read articles on different kinds of loans here, including house building loans, vehicle loans, education loans, gold loans and many more. Yet another complicated segment of investments is taxation. Here you can know more and stay updated about different kinds of taxes and duties like income tax, sales tax, excise duties, stamp duties and so forth. Find out what are the best tax savings investment plans.

Latest Stocks News and Stock Market Expert Analysis

We strive earnestly to bring you the latest stock market news as soon as possible, while our stock market gurus are here to explain you several share investment strategies such as what is the best time for investments in stock markets, the concepts of IPO and Future and Option Markets. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner in the stock market or a veteran, our detailed stock market tips and analysis, not only for NSE and BSE but for a global market, will definitely help you out.

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4 Ways to invest your money wisely

If you’re planning to secure your financial future, then you need to smartly invest your money. When you’re building your financial future during your working years, it can actually help in time of retirement.

Should you invest in hard gold or buy gold ETF / fund of funds?

New investors often ask, buying gold coins or bullions vis-à-vis investing in gold exchange traded funds or gold mutual funds, which gives better returns. We've compared investing in hard gold to gold ETF investments, detailing the pros and cons of each. Find out whether you should buy gold or invest in gold funds.

How to make money from commodity market?

This is all about how can you make money from commodity trading rather than trading in equities or stocks. how commodity investment is better and safer than equity investment? So read this article to know why Commodity trading is more choice of a trader.

Starting KFC franchise: How to open a KFC restaurant in India?

Got business space? Starting a KFC franchise in India won't be bad! Learn how to open a KFC restaurant in India, how much capital do you need for opening KFC franchise, and other requirements.

Common mistakes to be avoided in taking personal loan

Read this article to know what not to do to avoid falling into the trap of Personal loans. Read the do’s and don’ts for Personal loans and the questions you need to ask yourself before applying for a personal loan.

Advantages and merits of taking Business Loan

Read this article to know why you should consider taking a business loan if you have the need of it. Read on to know the advantages and merits of opting for a business load and the factors you should take into consideration while taking a business loan

Intraday mcx commodity tips free trial for today

Seen on MCX gold and silver is idling. Gold is trading at Rs 29 165, with slight edge. Silver remains grossly Rs 55 340 million. Crude oil declined 0.2 per cent and is trading at Rs 5610. MCX base metals business in the mix is being witnessed.

Investment in mutual fund: Types of different mutual fund schemes

Mutual fund investments are always associated with certain degree of risks so it is always beneficial to have thorough knowledge of the same before investment. Knowledge of different types of mutual fund schemes is the first step towards going in the depth of mutual funds. In this article, I am giving you the complete insight of classification of mutual fund schemes on the basis of various factors.

Investments through Real Estates: Trading tips for better returns

Investments through real estate trading has emerged with a huge profit potential over the last few decades. If you are planning to invest in real estates, we hope you will find this "how to" guide for investments through real estate trading tips quite handy. Keep reading!

Online sale-purchase of mutual funds through portals

Now you can deal with mutual fund investments by your computer or mobile from your home or work place. These all portals serve those investors who want to invest directly without involving any MF agents. Let's learn here that how can a person make online transactions in mutual funds.

Indian Union Budget 2012

With the end of Financila year approaching in March, Government is gearing up to present the Union Budget 2012-13 in March 2012. This budget will be very crucial for the UPA Government, as there had been issues during the year in the country and growth rate too.

File your Income Tax Online

With the increase of Technology, IT department and many other private tax filing companies have come with online tax filing, which makes ease and save time for tax filing then standing long queues. Get to know more about how you can file a tax online and save time

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