Meet the Team InvestmentPaths

Dr. Sanjeev is the webmaster of InvestmentPaths along with all other Revenue Sharing Spider Websites. Dr. Sanjeev guides the whole InvestmentPaths team, monitors search engine optimization and handles member relations. His overall efforts from the beginning day of the website have helped InvestmentPaths in all aspects.

Tony John is the founder webmaster of InvestmentPaths. He is also the founder of all the Revenue Sharing Partner Websites of InvestmentPaths. Mr. Tony John is responsible for development and technical aspects of this website. Also, he takes care of business development, partnerships and advertising departments.

Kumaraditya Sarkar is the Webmaster of the sister websites of InvestmentPaths like PunjabSpider and, as well as the Site Coordinator of all Revenue Sharing Spider Websites. You can contact him for any guidance such as SEO.