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Got lost in the labyrinth of mutual funds investments? Want to master the complexities of investment in infrastructure bonds? Puzzled in the ups and downs of the shares and are looking for authentic stock market analysis? Weary of paying money back and are looking for be the best tax saving investments?

You might have a thousand questions. Investment Paths is our only answer.

free expert investment advice on mutual funds, infrastructure bonds, tax saving investments and stock market analysis Yes. Investment Paths is your online guide and expert for various investments equity market, commodities, mutual funds, infrastructure bonds, securities, saving certificates, real estate and other form of investments. Everyone likes to invest his savings, whether big or small, in some or other investment plan; but success is less due to ignorance of proper investing strategies and plans. These days investment plans are not only restricted to Fixed Deposits (FD) or shares. Today the world of investment ventures out in real estate, commodities, shares, bonds and what not. If you have money to invest you can purchase a house, buy some gold, invest in insurance policies, mutual funds, commodities, infrastructure bonds and securities, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and many more. We are here to provide you our investment advice services from our investment experts. You can learn the benefits, limitations and various other nuances of each investment option. You can also get information and several ideas to invest your hard earn money in a proper way to get maximum returns. You can know latest investment as well as stock news, different investment terms and many more. The list is endless. Why don't explore yourself?

Income Tax Saving Investments Schemes

income tax saving investments schemes and plans Weary of paying income tax? For many of us, the income tax is like a huge wall which we aspire to cross but fail. As the fiscal year approaches its end, everyone wants to make some tax saving investments to minimize Income Tax, but you got to devise the right income tax saving plans and strategies. A number of infrastructure bonds provide tax saving options under section 88 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You can also consider investing in various governement tax saving schemes such as RBI Relief Bonds and Life Insurance policies, both government and corporate.

Here we have discussed many such things about how to save your income tax. Discover a wide range of tax saving schemes, mutual funds, tax saving infrastructure bonds, and lots of other tax saving tips so that you can save and actually invest some of your hard earned money for a better future.

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Mutual Funds Investments: NAV & Returns

Money growing due to Mutual Funds Investments Looking for Mutual Fund Investments but lost in the maze of its complexities? Mutual Funds are also great as tax saving investments. Or, perhaps you have not thought to invest in Mutual Funds at all? Well, the reality does not always follow your dreams and a little calculation will show you how you might not always fulfil your aspirations by traditional savings like savings accounts, fixed deposits, and provident funds.

Yes. It's time you should start investing in Mutual Funds. Go through our Mutual Funds investment guide articles thoroughly, especially if you are a beginner. Compare different Mutual Funds schemes, plans and policies. Discover the tips and strategies of Mutual Funds investments. Stay updated with the latest Mutual Fund NAV, growths and possible returns.

Should you invest in hard gold or buy gold ETF / fund of funds?

New investors often ask, buying gold coins or bullions vis-à-vis investing in gold exchange traded funds or gold mutual funds, which gives better returns. We've compared investing in hard gold to gold ETF investments, detailing the pros and cons of each. Find out whether you should buy gold or invest in gold funds.

Advantages and merits of taking Business Loan

Read this article to know why you should consider taking a business loan if you have the need of it. Read on to know the advantages and merits of opting for a business load and the factors you should take into consideration while taking a business loan