Best Investments Options and Opportunities

Investment is not just restricted to deposit money in any bank for a limited time period and receive interest at the time of maturity. In today's era, there are vast numbers of investment options in which you can invest. Some are low risk investments while others are high risk investments with high profits. Some are shot term investments while others are long term investments. You can invest in mutual funds, commodity, share market, gold, insurance, exchange market, commodity market and many other areas to earn maximum returns.

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How to make money from commodity market?

This is all about how can you make money from commodity trading rather than trading in equities or stocks. how commodity investment is better and safer than equity investment? So read this article to know why Commodity trading is more choice of a trader.

Investments through Real Estates: Trading tips for better returns

Investments through real estate trading has emerged with a huge profit potential over the last few decades. If you are planning to invest in real estates, we hope you will find this "how to" guide for investments through real estate trading tips quite handy. Keep reading!

What are bonds, types

Do you want to invest in bonds? Learn the correct method of investment as well as bonds definition and different type of bond.

Should you invest in hard gold or buy gold ETF / fund of funds?

New investors often ask, buying gold coins or bullions vis-à-vis investing in gold exchange traded funds or gold mutual funds, which gives better returns. We've compared investing in hard gold to gold ETF investments, detailing the pros and cons of each. Find out whether you should buy gold or invest in gold funds.

Tips on buying a home

Are you looking for best property investment advice in India? You must be aware of the tips before purchasing a house and how to make safe investment in real estate.

Investment in mutual fund: Types of different mutual fund schemes

Mutual fund investments are always associated with certain degree of risks so it is always beneficial to have thorough knowledge of the same before investment. Knowledge of different types of mutual fund schemes is the first step towards going in the depth of mutual funds. In this article, I am giving you the complete insight of classification of mutual fund schemes on the basis of various factors.

Online sale-purchase of mutual funds through portals

Now you can deal with mutual fund investments by your computer or mobile from your home or work place. These all portals serve those investors who want to invest directly without involving any MF agents. Let's learn here that how can a person make online transactions in mutual funds.

Best investment plans in 2012

To opt for the right investment plan is the prerequisite for any successful investment. Although to make an investment choice in the current fluctuating market is a hard nut to crack but still one can make healthy investments through some intelligent and smart planning. As the year 2012 has knocked on our door so it has become mandatory to analyse the forthcoming trend of the market this year to make safe and healthy investments.

How to make money with investment

Are you also looking for simple tips to make money? We have tips for you but they are not to make money in minutes. Rather they are based on proper investigations by which a person gets rich. Read here more.

Trigger in mutual fund definition, use, advantages

Trigger is an investment tool which can be used wisely to minimize the risks in share market. Prudent investors are using it to avoid risks. If you also want to use trigger in mutual fund investment, then learn here more.

Investment in real estates tips and risks

Investment in real estate has a potential of earning huge profit. In this article, there are all possible ways of investment in real estate with the benefits and risks involved in the real estate investment.

How to invest in children mutual funds

Are you planning to invest on the name of your minor son or minor daughter? Then the question “What should I do if I am investing on the name of my minor child” must have arisen in your mind. Have a glance at rules and procedure of investment in mutual funds on the name of child less than 18 years of age.

Agricultural land investment & legal procedure involved in it

Are you a real estate investor but willing to invest in agricultural land? Then it is not a bad idea as many investors now invest in agricultural land. Investment in farm land has its own benefits. But don’t forget to learn the legal aspects for agro investment and the solutions for the same as mentioned here in this article.

National Savings Certificate (NSC) details and information

National Saving Certificate of post office is one of safest mode of investment with good returns and lower risk. Many people invest in National Saving Certificate to earn high profits with their lower risk bearing capacity. These certificates are issued by post offices and are one of secured means of investment. You can also save tax with National Savings Certificate (NSC). Let's read how.

Micro SIP (Systematic Investment Plan): beneficial small investment plan

Many times, people avoid making investment as they do not have lump sum amount to invest in. but now you can earn higher profits and returns even with smaller investments. Are you also one of those who want to make investment but have small amount of money for investment? Then you must invest in Micro Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to earn maximum profits with your small savings.

Tax saving Fixed Deposit schemes to save tax

Fixed deposit is most popular method of investment. Do you know that you can also save tax with your fixed deposit income? If invested wisely, you can easily save tax with investment.

Tips to invest in gold, why gold hallmarking is necessary & its uses

Gold investment is very popular in India. But it is preferred to purchase hallmarked gold. Hallmarked is a newer concept in India. But a person should learn that the best way to invest in gold is that the gold should be pure. Here, you can get answer of your question “How can I invest in gold”

Best open ended mutual fund schemes and options in 2013 in India

Are you looking to invest in mutual funds? Here is a detailed list of all the best open ended mutual fund schemes in India, running in the financial year 2013-2014. Read more to learn about the details of these Indian mutual funds open ended schemes and options.

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