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No matter if you are a beginner in investments or an expert, Investment Paths offers you complete investment articles to help you understand and decide how to restore and grow your money through purchasing assets, infrastructural bonds and security debts, investing in mutual funds, commodities and gold, or stock markets for a high and favorable future return.

Basics of Investments, Loans and Taxations

Our investment experts are here to explain you everything right from the basics of investment terminology to its subtler and more complex technical and strategic aspects. With these investment articles you can learn or revise your knowledge about strategies and options for different forms of investments including investments in banks, debt securities, investments in mutual funds, derivatives, commodities investments, as well as investments in real estate. Understand what a smart investment plan means and find out the best places to let your money grow. You can also read articles on different kinds of loans here, including house building loans, vehicle loans, education loans, gold loans and many more. Yet another complicated segment of investments is taxation. Here you can know more and stay updated about different kinds of taxes and duties like income tax, sales tax, excise duties, stamp duties and so forth. Find out what are the best tax savings investment plans.

Latest Stocks News and Stock Market Expert Analysis

We strive earnestly to bring you the latest stock market news as soon as possible, while our stock market gurus are here to explain you several share investment strategies such as what is the best time for investments in stock markets, the concepts of IPO and Future and Option Markets. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner in the stock market or a veteran, our detailed stock market tips and analysis, not only for NSE and BSE but for a global market, will definitely help you out.

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Income Tax Slab rates FY 2011-12

Every citizes of India falls into different tax slabs and MoF decided on the Tax slabs. This has been changing for 3-4 years and new tax slab has been introduce for General, Women, Senior Citizens and also new category called Very Senior Citizens. Get to know Tax Slabs for 2011-12

Strategy for Investing in High Dividend Yield Stocks

Stock market is very volatile and not everybody is skilled to handle the risk caused by this volatile nature of the stock market. High dividend yield stocks offer a safe ground to those investors who consider safety a greater priority compared to high returns. Read more about the strategy.

Avoid rush on D-day for Tax saving investments

It is the start of february month, everyone seems very relaxed and hardly any one is really concerned about the investments to be done for saving tax. After exactly one month the picture might not be the same. Usually people do the needful savings in march month which is the last month of the financial year. Here I have tried to sum up three most important areas where it is wise to make sure that the process is completed in time.

Commercial vehicle loan information, eligibility and procedure

Most of the banks nowadays offer commercial vehicle loan for those firms or individuals who are in a need of commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles are those which are brought for the sole purpose of some sort of business. The process of availing commercial vehicle loan is much simpler if the applicant fulfils all the eligibility criteria set by the bank.

Information on different types of loans

Loan is the term used for the financial assistance provided by the bank or any financial company to fulfil your all money related needs. Nowadays, banks provide different types of loans and you can opt from them according to your will and need. Here I am giving the detail of various types of loans available in the market.

Marriage loan eligibility, how to get it

In India, marriage is always a costly affair. Most of the wedding occasions lasts for 3-4 days in India and requires heavy funding for the same. To fulfil all the financial requirements during marriage, most of the banks provide marriage loan.

Business loan definition and eligibility

To fulfil the financial demands is the first criteria to run any business successfully. It is also not possible for an individual or a business company to fulfil all the financial requirements of that firm. To meet this financial need, most of the banks offer business loan. For availing the business loan, applicant has to go through a certain procedure after fulfilling the basic eligibility criteria for the same.

How to get personal loan & its merits and demerits

If you are planning to lend fast cash without any security then you should seek for the option of personal loan. The process of having personal loan is very simple but has some disadvantages along with the benefits. Applicant must study all the details of personal loan before applying for the same.

How to get a car loan - Eligibility, documents required and process

To own a car is the dream of every middle man. To make this dream come true most of the banks offer the facility of the car loan. Before applying for the car loan, it is mandatory to understand the whole process of availing the car loan with certain eligibility criteria required for the car loan.

Define gold loan, benefits, how to get gold loan

Gold loan is meant for those people who need fast cash to fulfil their sudden financial needs. Nowadays, most of the banks and financial companies are providing the loan against the gold with several benefits and in a simplified procedure.

Disbursement and repayment of education loan

Are you wishing to apply for the education loan and don’t know about the disbursement and repayment of the education loan? Then, this article is written for you with all the details of the disbursement and repayment procedures of the education loan. The terms and conditions for the disbursement and repayment of the education loan is little easier than the other types of loan.

Define Education loan, eligibility criteria

If insufficient funds or poor financial condition is shattering your dream of higher education then you just need not to worry. Now, most of the commercial banks in India are providing the education loan to complete your whole education. To apply for the education loan you have to fulfil certain eligibility criteria which are set by each bank for providing you the education loan.

Car accident insurance: Do's and Do not's

Most of the people are unaware of the tips which they should follow in case of a car accident. There we have summarized the important tips which a person should know if he has met an accident.

Definition of Fire insurance, types

Fire insurance is a very useful insurance especially for businessmen who keep their goods costing millions of rupees in warehouses. There are different types of fire insurance. Grab more detailed information from here.

Credit Card dispute: consumer protection guide

Credit card is turned into one of the essential needs of a person. But its user must possess some important basic information to avoid any fraud. Here is the list of recent credit card rules.

Best investment plans in 2012

To opt for the right investment plan is the prerequisite for any successful investment. Although to make an investment choice in the current fluctuating market is a hard nut to crack but still one can make healthy investments through some intelligent and smart planning. As the year 2012 has knocked on our door so it has become mandatory to analyse the forthcoming trend of the market this year to make safe and healthy investments.

Home loan types and definition

Most of the people have a notion in their mind that home loan only provide you financial aid for buying a new home. But in reality most of the bank offers different types of home loans depending upon the need of every individual. After reading this article, I am sure you will be more resourceful about the different types of home loans offered by the most of the banks.

How to make money with investment

Are you also looking for simple tips to make money? We have tips for you but they are not to make money in minutes. Rather they are based on proper investigations by which a person gets rich. Read here more.

VAT online calculator

Read this article to understand VAT definition with an example and for online VAT calculator.

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