Basics of Insurance Tips and Strategies

‘Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation'. This is not just a quote rather it is a truth. Insurance is now really turned into an inseparable part of everybody's life. We need insurance for every purpose and thus now we have huge choices among types of insurance. We can choose any insurance as per our need, be it health insurance, auto insurance, dental insurance, general insurance, term life insurance, medical insurance, disability insurance, travel insurance, day care insurance, car insurance, maternity insurance, business liability insurance, or any other insurance which is not listed here. We have insurance calculator to calculate the insurance premium, maturity amount, etc.

You are at a right place to search information about various insurance types, insurance benefits, insurance calculator, and a complete insurance guide from our experts' team. Find out various articles on various forms of Insurances, including life insurance, medical insurance and so on. Learn how to choose the best insurance plan and how to invest in insurance policies wisely.

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Car accident insurance: Do's and Do not's

Most of the people are unaware of the tips which they should follow in case of a car accident. There we have summarized the important tips which a person should know if he has met an accident.

Life Insurance definition, types

Life assurance is one of the most popular types of insurance. Let's read in detail about life insurance along with different types.

Definition of Fire insurance, types

Fire insurance is a very useful insurance especially for businessmen who keep their goods costing millions of rupees in warehouses. There are different types of fire insurance. Grab more detailed information from here.

Health/ mediclaim insurance portability procedure & benefits

Are you unsatisfied with your present insurance company? Now can you port your insurance policy or mediclaim policy without losing its benefits. Visit this page and learn more.

Health insurance types, definition

Health insurance covers the medical expenses incurred on insured. Visit this page if you want to know more about health insurance along with its various types.

File complaint against insurance company with insurance ombudsman

Sometimes, disputes arise with insurance companies at the time of claim settlement. If you are also having any complaint with your insurance company, then you should file a complaint to insurance ombudsman following the procedure to file company’s complaint to insurance ombudsman.

International student insurance policy: medical health insurance

Students have an increased craze to study abroad. But sometimes health problems or other problems prove to be a hindrance in achievement of their aim. Thus it is good to plan studies insurance policy if you are traveling abroad for higher studies. Let's have complete information about best student insurance.

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