Banking Tips: How to invest in banks

Banking has been turned into an unavoidable part of our day to day routine. We need banking for investment purpose, transfer money from one place to another, make payments, receive moment, etc.

You might have reached here because you might have been looking for some bank information. Then read our articles to get answers of all of your queries, viz. online bank accounts, comparison of different bank accounts, bank account types such as joint bank account, student bank account, international bank account or foreign bank account, merchant banking, offshore banking, etc.

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Credit Card dispute: consumer protection guide

Credit card is turned into one of the essential needs of a person. But its user must possess some important basic information to avoid any fraud. Here is the list of recent credit card rules.

How to get loan from bank: IIR, FOIR & LCR definition

Banks make various calculations to decide the maximum amount of loan to be granted. It includes the terms Installment to Income Ratio (IIR), Fixed Obligation to Income Ratio (FOIR) and Loan to Cost ratio (LCR). Let's read about them in details so that the chance of rejection of loan application from bank can be reduced.

How to make money in stock market with investment strategies

Are you also willing to gain success in share market? But to be successful in share market is not a cup of tea. You must follow certain planning and strategies to earn money from stock market. There are some hindrances which stop out way to gain success. For this purpose, we are telling you that how can an investor achieve higher profits and returns in stock market.

Opening Foreign bank account & its benefits, fee, charges

Opening an international bank account is highly recommendable if you travel abroad frequently or have a property there. Many banks open international account with their own fees and charges. Foreign bank account advantages are also unlimited.

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