Investments in Life Insurance Plans and Policies

Life assurance or life insurance is not a unknown phrase for anybody. We all know, life assurance provides an assurance that the money insured (or invested) will be paid back by the insurance company either to the insured person himself (after expiry of a certain time period) or to his/her nominees (in case of his/her death before expiry of such time period). Life insurance is actually life assurance as the insured person is assured that he or his nominees will definitely get benefit such insured amount.

Nowadays, there are various types of life insurance and huge number of insurance companies offer various plans in life insurance. Here, you will get information of all aspects of life insurance for our insurance advisors along with pros and cons of each insurance type.

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Life Insurance definition, types

Life assurance is one of the most popular types of insurance. Let's read in detail about life insurance along with different types.

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