General Loans

Other than various other loan types, there are some loans which an individual may need for some unspecific purpose. Such purpose can be like marriage of child, present gift to someone, renovation or furnishing of house, uninsured medical or maternity expenses, vacation, etc. Look here for information on general purpose loans and how to apply for them.

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Information on different types of loans

Loan is the term used for the financial assistance provided by the bank or any financial company to fulfil your all money related needs. Nowadays, banks provide different types of loans and you can opt from them according to your will and need. Here I am giving the detail of various types of loans available in the market.

Marriage loan eligibility, how to get it

In India, marriage is always a costly affair. Most of the wedding occasions lasts for 3-4 days in India and requires heavy funding for the same. To fulfil all the financial requirements during marriage, most of the banks provide marriage loan.

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