How to File Income Tax Return: Online ITR E-filing process step by step

Having troubles with e-filing income tax return? Learn how to file income tax return online in this step by step process of online ITR E-filing explained by our IT experts.

Filing Income Tax Return online (ITR E-filing) helps you avoid a lengthy manual process and paperworks of filing income tax return offline. These days almost taxpayer has internet connection at home or at the vicinity, so e-filing income tax return is always a better and hassle-free option. If you know how to file income tax return online you do not require to stand in serpentine queues for hours. And if you don't, there is nothing to worry either. Here we will explain the steps of filing income tax return online in India and after going through this simplified tutorial you will know how to e-file IT return online.

Remember, you should always file your income tax return well in advance to avoid the last minute rush. If you want to file IT return in the last few days, expect unavailable pages, server jams, busy routes and a lot of other problems. To be on the safer side, we recommend that you should file IT return at least one week prior to the last date of e-filing income tax return. Usually, the last date of e-filing income tax return in India is 31st July. However, due to unavoidable server jams and other technical problems, the government has extended the last date of e-filing income tax return for the assessment year 2012-13 by one month.

Last date of e-filing income tax return for AY 2012-13 is 31st August, 2012. To avoid last minute rush, file your IT return online now!

Websites for filing income tax return online (ITR E-filing)

Most people choose to file income tax return online through the official income tax website of India, managed by the Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, of the Government of India. We recommend to go for the official income tax website because the information given there are bound to be correct and you do not run the risk or any loss or mishaps or risks due to incorrect information. In the official website ( you can find the updated XML Schema for ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4, ITR-4S and ITR-5 for the current assessment year. If you have any problems or query about e-filing of income tax return online, you can call 180-01801961 between 9 am to 6 pm on all working days. However, apart from the official website, there are many private websites for e-filing IT return as well. These online income tax e-filing are also quick, secure and hassle-free. Some popular websites for filing income tax return online are,,,, and so on.

Step by step guide to file income tax return online

3D man on laptop, filing income tax return onlineNow that you know the websites for e-filing IT return, let's get started. Given below are the steps of e-filing income tax return at a glance, which we have explained later in this article.

Quick guide to e-filing income tax return online

  • Choose the right income tax return form.
  • Download income tax return preparation software in MS Excel file.
  • File IT return offline and generate IT return XML file.
  • Register and create your user ID and password. If you have already registered, login and choose the appropriate IT return form from the left panel.
  • Select Submit Return and upload your XML file.
  • Print the acknowledgement or ITR-V form.
  • If you have digitally signed the IT return, this is end of the process of e-filing income tax return online for you. Printing ITR-V is not mandatory but you may do it for records.
  • If the return is not digitally signed, send the printed ITR-V form to Income Tax office after duly signing it.

Steps of e-filing income tax return online explained for beginners

If you are a beginner, for example an young adult going to file your first IT return, you might love a more detailed guide on IT return e-filing in India. Here we have answered some of the Online income tax return e-filing in India FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which will probably answer your queries related to IT return e-filing. If you still have questions, please post a response below and we would love to revert back!

Which ITR form to choose? Which is the suitable income tax return form for my profession?

In the official website, you can see different Income Tax Return forms, numbered as ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4, and ITR-4S. This is the chart provided by the official website. For a better and detailed explanation on selecting the right ITR form for your type of income, please refer to choosing the right income tax return form.

How to choose the right income tax return form in India

How to generate XML file for IT Return
  1. There might be multiple sheets. Make sure to download all the sheets when you download income tax return preparation software (Excel file).
  2. Fill in all the details carefully. The cells having green backgrounds and red fonts are mandatory. Do not use a blue font.
  3. Put the details you need to put and the rest will be automatically done. The income tax return preparation software excel file will automatically compute the values of other cells.
  4. Validate all the sheets by clicking the Validate button and ensure that the document is valid (that is, all the required fields are either properly filled by you or computed by the IT return preparation excel file).
  5. When all the cells are filled in, click on the Calculate Tax button.
  6. Now, click on Generate XML to generate IT return XML file.
  7. Double check everything in the validation page that will be generated next. Once you are sure that everything is fine in your income tax return, click Save XML.
  8. Save XML file and upload it on the income tax return e-filing website (list given above)

Should I take a print out of ITR-V form after filing income tax return?

If you have digitally signed your income tax return while e-filing IT return online, you may or may not print the ITR-V form. It is not mandatory. However, it is always better to take a print out of ITR-V form for future reference.

If you did not have digitally signed your income tax return, taking a print out of Income Tax Return Form V (ITR-V) is absolutely mandatory as you have to sign it duly and send it to the Income Tax Office in the address given below.

How to send ITR-V and to which address?

You should send the ITR-V in a sealed envelop by regular or speed post to the following address. Please note that you cannot send ITR-V through registered post, courier services, or give it by hand, or by any other means. You should send it through regular or speed post only. The address of IT department to send ITR-V form is Income Tax DepartmentDepartment – CPC, Post Bag No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru – 560100, Karnataka.

Last date to send ITR-V form to Income Tax Office at Bangalore, Karnataka

You have to send ITR-V form within 120 days of electronic filing of Income Tax return. Please note that if you fail to send ITR-V to Bangalore, Karnataka, within 120 days of e-filing income tax return, it will be of no use. The IT department to consider that the IT return for which Form ITR-V is filed was never furnished. In that case, the taxpayer or assessee will have to take the responsibility of re-filing IT return and follow up with a new ITR-V form. Hopefully, this time you can send it within 120 days! :-)

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